How to Convert your Paypal Funds to Naira

You can now easily convert your paypal funds to naira, straight to your Nigeria bank account, using payoneer. To do so follow the steps below.

Steps to withdraw PayPal Fund to Your Nigeria bank account

Go to payoneer website and register or sign in if you already have a payoneer account. Fill all the required forms just like the image below.

Convert PayPal fund to naira

If you dont know how to create a paypal account that can receive fund in Nigeria, check our previous post on a working tutorial to create one.

Exchange PayPal to naira

Next Fill out your payoneer account security details

How to withdraw PayPal fund to Nigeria bank account

After registration on the payoneer website, confirm your email address, upload your Nigeria national identity card to complete registration. Your account should be fully activated with 2 to 5 business working days after submitting your ID for verification.

After your payoneer account is activated you can go to settings to link your Nigeria local bank account. Make sure you link your Nigeria bank account, so as to be able to withdraw from payoneer.

Withdraw PayPal straight to Nigeria bank

Upon registration and verification of your payoneer account, you will be given three bank accounts, USD (united state bank account) , GBP (England or British bank account) and EU (Germany euro bank account). You can then request for the payoneer physical credit card and it will be delivered to the address you used in opening your payoneer account and add it to paypal, or add any of the bank account giving to you by payoneer, to your paypal account and withdraw your PayPal funds to your payoneer account.

Withdraw PayPal to naira account

To easily convert your paypal funds to naira and Straight to your Nigeria bank account, simply click on “Withdrawal” or “Transfer Money” from your dashboard, and you will be giving an option to withdraw your PayPal funds, and your paypal balance will be transferred to your payoneer bank account. And then from your payoneer account to your local or Nigeria bank account.

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